Neuro Oriented Response Integrated Knowledge Operation AI (N.O.R.I.K.O.)

Is an advanced AI language model designed to mimic human interactions as an AI Assistant. 

AI assistants can streamline processes in customer service, marketing, online advertising, sales and many more areas of your business. 

They are ideal for real time interaction with interested prospects, nurturing leads and booking qualified appointments onto your calendar. 


Are you tired of having to tediously respond to 100’s of emails?

This technology can help! 

We can build and customize your AI assistant with a knowledge base of your choosing, then incorporate it into a dedicated business email address.

Your personalized AI Assistant can free up the time you spend replying to emails, responding to inquiries and nurturing leads.

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We are on a mission to help companies save time and streamline their sales/appointment setting operations with AI.

They can increase the reach of your sales team by taking over lead nurturing, real-time customer interaction, customer support, email and chat responses plus they are compatible with social media messaging integrations

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