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Intelligent Sales Assistants

Meet Robbi, an AI language model that is designed to mimic human interactions as an AI Sales Assistant. Robbi can take on many male or female avatars, be customize to any offer and programmed to meet your specific needs. 

With your very own AI assistant, you can streamline processes in customer service, marketing, online advertising, sales and many more areas of your business. They are ideal for real time interaction with interested prospects, nurturing leads and booking qualified appointments onto your calendar.

Your personalized AI Assistant can free up the time you spend replying to emails, responding to inquiries and nurturing leads.

Feel free to chat with Robbi below or send it an email and it’ll get back to you in 10 mins or less, at ANY time and in ANY language.


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Multi-Platform Integration

Robbi can take on any human avatar/persona and be integrated into multiple mediums of communication. Click or tap on any of the icons below to start a conversation via Whatsapp, Email, Facebook Messenger or Live Chat. 

AI Voice Agents

In today’s competitive market, AI outbound call agents are transforming how businesses manage their sales operations.

These advanced systems are designed to simulate human interactions so effectively that they are nearly indistinguishable from real human agents. 

For businesses looking to scale quickly, AI outbound call agents offer an invaluable solution.

They enhance the capabilities of small teams, allowing business owners to expand their operations without the delays and hassles of the traditional recruitment process.

With AI, you can boost your team’s efficiency, streamline operations, and focus on closing more deals—all while maintaining a personal touch with your clients.



Solar Sales Outbound

Real Estate Outbound

Property Management Inbound

Case Studies

Tony Augillar - Property Management

Lesley Grutemann - Solar Sales & Installations

Daisuke Kimura - Real Estate Acquisitions

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