Transforming Real Estate Acquisitions with AI Technology


A Japanese real estate company, seeking to expand its property portfolio in the United States, faced significant communication challenges. Initially, the company utilized a call center based in the Philippines to handle inquiries and customer service. However, the strong accents of the Filipino agents often led to misunderstandings and communication barriers with American clients, which hindered the company’s ability to effectively engage with potential property sellers and buyers.


Effective communication is crucial in the real estate industry, where clarity and promptness can significantly influence negotiation outcomes and customer satisfaction. The Japanese owners were apprehensive about the potential for AI to alienate customers but recognized the need for a more efficient solution to handle the volume of inquiries and improve interaction quality with American clients.


Deciding to innovate, the company implemented an AI-powered communication system designed to manage calls, answer inquiries, and schedule meetings. This technology was equipped with advanced language processing capabilities to minimize misunderstandings and provide clear, accent-neutral responses to inquiries.


The introduction of AI into the company’s operations yielded immediate and impressive results:

  • Increased Call Capacity: The AI system efficiently managed a higher volume of calls than the human-operated call center, ensuring that no customer inquiries went unanswered.
  • Improved Communication Quality: With its ability to provide accent-neutral and precise communication, the AI significantly reduced the communication barriers previously experienced with the Filipino call center. This led to clearer and more effective interactions with clients.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Clients expressed higher satisfaction due to the quick response times and clear information provided by the AI system. This increase in customer satisfaction contributed to a stronger reputation among U.S. clients.
  • Growth in Meeting Bookings and Property Acquisitions: The AI’s efficiency not only retained existing clients but also attracted new ones. The increased rate of meeting bookings directly contributed to more property acquisitions, thereby expanding the company’s portfolio in the United States.
  • Cost Efficiency: Utilizing AI reduced the need for a large call center staff and minimized the communication training costs associated with reducing accent barriers, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.

I am manager for a real estate company in Japan, trying to grow our business in United States. Before, we used call center in Philippines, but we faced big problems. Many American customers did not like the thick Filipino accent, and sometimes they reject to speak with our agents. Also, the timing of calls was not good because of different working hours.

We decide to try AI with Rob san because it sound like native English speaker, very clear and proper. With AI, we could make calls any time that suitable for American customers, so no problem with off hours. I surprised to see how many more calls AI could handle at once, and the results were much better than human agents.

Using AI was very good decision for us. It made easier to talk with American clients and increased our meetings and property deals. Very happy with change to AI, it help our company grow fast in U.S. market.

Daisuke Nakamura

General Manager