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At Green Solutions LLC, we’re experts at turning connections into loyal customers, helping businesses grow sustainably. With our personalized approach, we build trust and loyalty, turning strangers into dedicated supporters of your brand. Experience the difference with Green Solution LLC – where meaningful connections drive long-term success.

Boost Your Business

We can help you boost your business with strategic consulting, effective marketing, and top-notch customer engagement.

Lead Generation

Every interaction starts with a connection. We can help you expand your reach and connect with the people that need your product or service.

Marketing Communications

We help you find a balance between what you want to say and  what your audience wants to hear so you can share your message in ways that gets  attention, reactions and responses.


Communications Coaching

A sale is simply a side effect of a decision. When you learn how to effectively influence the decision making process, deals, sales come naturally.

About Greene Solutions LLC

The growth and success of your business is top priority. We help you connect with the people that need you, empower you with the skills you need to communicate with them and refine your processes so you can focus on your mission, vision and purpose.

Accelerating small business growth with streamlined solutions that….

Guiding Your Journey, Every Step of the Way

Here’s how we can help you boost your business through strategic consulting, effective marketing, and top-notch customer engagement.


Generic marketing language does not work anymore, so we will interview you to understand your voice so we can create a unique, clever and witty way to share your message that gets people’s attention.

Strategic Marketing

Once we’ve helped you create your digital “voice”, we will work with you to create a customized strategy to get your content in front of the people that need your product or service.

Communicate to WIN

Everything you do online is simply a means of getting customers in front of you. We provide customized training in effective communication so you can close deals and grow your business.

AI Driven Lead Generation

We create a lead generation machine that works for you 24/7, then train you on how to manage it yourself; or take control of the process for you so a steady stream of new leads comes to you every single day.

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